Before the start of player auction and creation of teams any potential team managers need to register themselves by sending an email to the leagues email address with following details.

1. Your fullname

2. Team Name

3. Your email address

The league email address is

(Please add this email address to your contact list. Some email account providers are treating emails from this address as junk or spam if you do not have this address as one of you contacts)


When I have received registration email from 10 managers, I will send an email to all ten mangers informing that the player auction and creation of team can begin.  All managers need to send me by email their choise of 15 players from the list of players available on the Player Auction page of this site and the amount of fictional money they want to spend on each player. For the purpose of this auction each manger will be allocated a budget of £15,000,000 fictional money.

After I have received offers from all ten managers, players will be allocated to managers using the following criteria.

1. If a player received only one offer, then that player will be allocated to the manger who made the offer at the value offered by the manager.

2. If a player received more than one offer, then that palyer will be allocated to the manager who made the highest offer at the value offered by that manager.

Then I will send email to each manger informing howmany successfull signings they have made, how many more players they need to sign to make up the squad of 15 and how much of their budget they have left to complete their signings. The list of players still waiting for an offer will be published on the player auction page of this site. Managers need to send their second offers by email and the above process will be repeated until all  players have been allocated to all managers .



In addition to 15 players signed through the auction as mentioned above, managers need to create additional 5 players to supplement their squad. To create these players, managers will be allocated 250 skill points. Also managers can buy additional skill points at the rate of 1 point for every £100,000 saved from the auction process. Further instructions about creating these players will be available when joining the league. Every week the playing eleven should consist at least 2 of these 5 players. 


After the completion of player auction managers need to submit their first three priorities of grounds they want to use as the homeground for their team. If a ground was requested by only one manager, that  ground will be allocated to the manager who made the request. If any ground was requested by more than one manager then that ground will be allocated to the manager who guess the nearest score of a real iife international match which will be announced at the beginning of auction process and the unsuccessfull manager will be considered for their second choice ground and then for the third choice ground. At the end of this process any manager who was unsuccessful with all their three choices will be asked to make further three choices. 


After the completion of player auction and ground selection, I will send an email to each manger with details of their team and manger need to submit their weekly order with the information available from the email. Each manager can get limited information about their opposition from this website as well. A weekly order should consist of following details.

Team Name

Eleven players names in batting order .

Each player's batting and bowling aggression. (This should be a number between 0 and10 with 0 being the least aggressive and 10 being the most aggressive)

Team Batting and Bowling aggression (This also between 0 and 10 with being the 0 being the least aggressive and 10 being the most aggressive)

Names or batting position numbers of two opening bowlers.

Name or batting position number of the Wicket Keeper.


When I receive the order I will run matches for the week and send each mangers a result email with following details.

1. Ball by Ball output of the match involving their team with detail score card.

2.Breif Score card of other matches in the league.

3.Latest team guide of your team including any injury and morale of each player. (Injured players can not play in number matches spcified in the guide). Players with higher morale will perform better.

4.Latest Stats of your team

5. League table and fixtures for the following week. Points in the league table are allocated as below

15 points for winning a test

10  points each for a tied match

5 points each for a draw.

Bonus points are awarded  based on 1st innings batting and bowling performance as below.

Batting Points    Runs Scored   Bowling Points

        0                       <150                 5

        1                       150-224           4

        2                       225-299           3

        3                       300-374           2

        4                      375-449            1

        5                         >449               0

Those who have played in ITC PBEM leagues  before knows most of these terminology and rules very well. But any one who is new to these and need clarification can email the leagues email address


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