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Hints and Notes

For each player under the heading of batting, there are three sub categories

1.Batting Position (Opener, Specialist, Allrounder, Late Order, Tailender). This tells you which postion the player normally bats at.

2.Batting Aggression (Defensive, Stroke playing, Attacking, Aggressive, Slogging). This tell you about how aggressive or defensive, the player is when he is batting.

3.Batting Skill (This is indicated by a number). The higher the batting skill is, better the batsman is. The batting skill is a rough indicator of what may be the batting average of the batsman. A 50 skill batsman will roughly average 50. (Other factors also will influcence the batting average)

Under the heading of Bowling there are two sub categoreis

1.Bowling Type - This tells you what type of bowler the particular player is and how often he bowls.

2.Bowling Skill (This is Indicated by a number). The higher the bowling skill, better the bowler is. The bowling skill indicates what will be the bowling average of a bowler. The bowling average will be roughly equal to (70-bowling skill). For eample a bowler with 50 bowling skill will have a bowling average of 20 (70-50). Other factors also influence this.

3. Fielding- This indicates how good  the player is in  Fielding. Please note that  every team needs at least one wicket keeper.


1.Size - More the number of plus(+) signs mean the bigger the boundary is. More the number of minus (-) signs meanthe smaller the boundary is

2. More number of (+)against bowling types mean more helpful the pitch is for that type of bowler. More number of (-)   signs against bowling types means the least helpful the pitch is for that type of bowler.

3. More Stars (*) against Pitch means the better the pitch is. 

4. Bounce - More stars against bounce means higher the bounce of the pitch is.

5. Start Time and Sunset Time tells you the start of play time and sunset time on the gound

6. Number of stars (*) against each weather type tells you how often that particular weather condition is going to be in the ground. This will affect the playing condition, but never will stop play in PBEM leagues.

Again more experience PBEM ITC League managers are familiar with these notes already. But new managers can always email the league email address to clarify any points. Use your money wisely and create great teams and get ground to match your players skills.

League email address

 (Please add this email address to your contact list. Some email account providers are treating emails from this address as junk or spam if you do not have this address as one of you contacts)


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